ORA Technology

ORA Wavefront Technology

At Pendleton Eye Center, we offer Optiwave® Refractive Analysis (ORA) technology during cataract surgery to verify your eye measurements and make any last-minute adjustments to your replacement lens power if necessary. The cost of this technology is included with all of our premium lens implant packages.  This system allows Dr. Robert Pendleton to access real-time information about your eye to:

  • Measure the true refractive power of your eye using wavefront technology during surgery, after the cataract is removed
  • Fine tune the power of your replacement lens implant for better visual outcomes
  • Reduce the need for re-treatments or piggy-back IOLs

A Difference You Can See

This is not an assembly line practice. We form strong bonds with each patient; we treat you like family!

This tool provides unprecedented accuracy for fine tuning the lens implant power during cataract surgery. It can be especially beneficial for patients with a history of prior eye surgery and is strongly recommended for patients with a prior history of Lasik or PRK.

To learn more about the ORA System, schedule a Cataract Evaluation in Oceanside, California, today.