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Cataract Evaluation

Do you have cataracts?
If so, is it time for cataract surgery?

Having a cataract doesn’t necessarily mean you need surgery right away. However, the only way to know if you are a candidate for surgery is to schedule a Cataract Evaluation. Through a series of tests, Pendleton Eye Center will diagnose the root cause of any vision disturbances you may be experiencing and discuss the best treatment options for you.

A cataract evaluation is a very thorough exam, and you should plan accordingly. This evaluation may take up to 2 hours in our office, but we will make you feel as comfortable as possible during your time with us. Your eyes will be dilated to allow our team to fully analyze your entire eye, so you may need to have someone drive you home.

Why Choose Pendleton Eye Center for your Cataract Evaluation?

Pendleton Eye Center is not an assembly line practice. We form strong bonds with each patient; we treat you like family! Scheduling your Cataract Evaluation with us ensures that you will be well educated about the procedure and the options available to you! We value open and honest communication and look forward to partnering with you to make the best decisions about vision improvement procedures. 

Preparing for your Cataract Evaluation:

During the cataract evaluation you will undergo a series of cataract assessments to help our team get a picture of your eye health. Additionally, our team will begin to prepare you for the decisions you may need to make if you are deemed a candidate for surgery. First is your choice of a replacement lens implant, also known as an IOL. The second is if the Laser-assisted cataract removal method will be used.  The choice of lens implant will have the greatest impact on your new vision. 

Cataract Assessments At Pendleton Eye Center Include:

  • Assessment of your overall vision (visual acuity)
  • Calculation of your current glasses prescription (refractive error measurement)
  • Evaluation of your lens health (cataract presence)
  • Evaluation of your retinal health
  • Identification of elevated eye pressure (glaucoma)
  • Review of your overall health
  • Recommend the optimal lens implant options

Pendleton Eye Center offers traditional and laser-assisted surgery as an option for our patients. In one instance, Dr. Pendleton will use the LENSAR© laser system to create the initial incision and break up the eye’s natural clouded lens into small, soft fragments for easier removal.
This differs from traditional (or manual) cataract surgery where the incision is made by hand.

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Every patient has different goals vision following cataract surgery – there is no one size fits all solution. At Pendleton Eye Canter we offer a variety of lens options to help you reach your visual goals. We offer standard monofocal lenses as well as advanced vision packages to further enhance your vision after surgery.

Your medical insurance typically covers a standard monofocal lens, but the advanced lens packages will likely be an additional out-of-pocket cost. Discuss your goals with our team during your cataract evaluation to discover which lenses and surgical procedures/techniques may benefit you.

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Cataract Self-Evaluation:

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