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In keeping with our friendly, accommodating atmosphere, at Pendleton Eye Center you have the ability to have all of your eye care needs met during one visit to our office. After you have had your eye exam appointment, you can visit our Optical Center to have your prescription filled – or just stop in to browse our expansive brands of non-prescription sunglasses. Our experienced opticians can help you navigate this process.

Routine Eye Exams

Eye exams are often overlooked as a regular health checkup – especially if you have clear vision. However, just as physicals and routine screenings can raise red flags about your body health, eye exams can pinpoint underlying vision problems that are silently stealing your vision. At Pendleton Eye Center, we provide comprehensive eye exams, with and without eye dilation, to not only diagnose vision problems…these tests can also show signs of medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes or cancer. The information gathered during these tests can keep you proactive about your overall health.

  • Visual acuity test to check your sharpness of vision
  • Retinoscopy and subjective refraction to measure your current refractive error (this test dictates your glasses prescription)
  • Glaucoma test using tonometry to check your intraocular pressure
  • Silt lamp to detect eye diseases or abnormalities in the eye
  • Dilation to better examine the lens, vitreous, retina, and optic nerve
  • Visual field testing to discover blind spots in your vision
  • Binocular eye alignment

Healthy adults with no vision problems should have an eye exam every 1-2 years; adults over age 60 should have an annual eye exam. If you have a family history of eye disease or vision problems, you may need more frequent eye doctor visits.

The important take-away is that eye exams are important…even if you don’t have any vision problems. There is simply no better way to protect your vision.

It is important to note that our comprehensive eye exams include dilating your eyes, which means you may necessitate a person to drive you home. To confirm if your eyes will be dilated during your exam, contact our staff.

Sunglasses & Safety Glasses

Some glasses are not just for better vision – special glasses can actually protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays, work hazards, and sporting injuries. At our Optical Center, we cater to adults and children by carrying a range of prescription and non-prescription glasses for protection:

  • Sunglasses with 99-100% UV-A and UV-B protection
  • Computer lenses to reduce glare
  • Safety goggles and glasses with high impact resistance
  • Sports glasses with polycarbonate lenses

Eye injuries can result from foreign bodies, grease or chemical splatters, penetrating trauma, and more. Overexposure to ultraviolet rays can lead to sunburn of the eye and accelerate vision problems later in life such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and eyelid cancers. Literally, thousands of eye injuries are reported each year. The important take away is that 90% of the workplace and sporting eye injuries are preventable by wearing the proper eye protection.

Prescription Glasses

It’s amazing how different glasses frames can completely change your look.

At our Optical Center, our opticians are expertly trained to help you find the right frames to reflect your personality, your face shape, your skin tone and the persona you wish to project to the world.

We use only the highest quality lenses and laboratories to produce your glasses, and our coatings all come with a quality warranty. You are welcome to come to our Optical Center in Oceanside, California anytime during business hours, walk-ins are welcome!

Feel free to browse around in our Optical Boutique, which features over 600 designer glasses, including:

brand collage

Contact Lenses

Our Optical Center optician staff is trained to not only fill your prescription but also help you learn how to properly wear and care for your contact lenses.

We carry a variety of contact lens types:

Scleral Contact Lenses

Dr. Ashley Butler specializes in fitting scleral lenses for keratoconus. Keratoconus is a condition that affects the cornea (the clear outer layer of your eye). Normally a round dome shape, if the corneal tissue begins to thin, it can begin to bulge out into a cone shape. Because the shape of the cornea becomes distorted, your eyesight also becomes distorted because light will not focus properly on the retina (back of the eye). This makes normal activities such as reading, watching TV, driving or working on a computer very difficult. Keratoconus usually affects people who are in their late teenage years or early 20s so these lenses can greatly improve a younger patient’s quality of life. 

Avoid Eye Infection

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported in 2014 that there were almost one million doctor visits in the United States every year for eye infections (keratitis) due to improper contact lens care.

This is not to scare you from wearing contact lenses, but to stress the importance of doing so the right way.

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