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Cataract Surgery Day

North Coast Surgery Center

3903 Waring Road
Oceanside, CA 92056


(760) 940-0997

Dr. Pendleton performs cataract surgery at the North Coast Surgery Center, less than one mile from our office.

Founded in 1977, North Coast Surgery Center is the region’s premier cataract surgery center.  Dr Pendleton is an investor / owner of the center and has served as its Medical Director since 2012. North Coast Surgery Centers’s managing partner, Surgical Care Affiliates (SCA) brings operational expertise, and the center consistently receives some of the highest ratings nationwide in patient safety and comfort.

A Difference You Can See

Our same compassionate care continues at the North Coast Surgery Center. We’ll work hard to ease your anxieties.

The Cataract Surgery Process

Please arrive at the surgery center at your designated time to finalize paperwork, relax and get comfortable in the environment. Your No Stitch, No Patch, No Injection surgery will only be performed on one eye during your appointment. You will remain awake during the procedure, but the local anesthetics given prior to the surgery will put you into a “twilight state” and will minimize any discomfort you may experience; many patients have no memory of surgery at all.

  • Begin using you eye drops 3 days prior to surgery.
  • Do not consume any food or liquids after midnight on the day of your surgery.
  • Please do take your morning medications before arriving at the surgery center. It is OK to take these with small sips of water, if necessary.
  • Dilation eye drops will be placed into your eye and local anesthetics will be given through an IV.
  • Dr. Pendleton will use either the manual or laser-assisted method to remove the cloudy lens from your eye.
  • Optiwave® Refractive Analysis (ORA) technology may be used to reassess the measurements of your eye and adjustments in the pre-determined replacement intraocular lens (IOL) can be made if necessary.
  • The IOL is gently and precisely inserted into the eye. You will not feel the new lens in your eye and it will not be visible to other people.
  • The incision will heal on its own, without stitches.

Schedule a Consultation

To learn more about cataract surgery in Carlsbad, California, contact us today to arrange a Cataract Evaluation.

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Cataract Surgery Recovery

After surgery, we will have you relax in the post-op area and eat a small snack. Because you have been sedated, a friend or family member must drive you home after surgery and should stay with you for about three hours.

We will provide you with an eye shield to wear while you are sleeping for one week to protect your eye as it heals. It’s normal to experience blurry vision and eye irritation for the first few days. Continue to use your eye drops as prescribed to minimize discomfort; Dr Pendleton will tell you when to stop at your post-operative visits.

Cataract surgery on your second eye can be done after the first eye has healed (usually 2 weeks later).

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