Bring out your personality while seeing the world around you in clarity and vibrancy. Finding the perfect frames-a guide to choosing eyeglasses-where you can discern the best way to frame your face. While certain styles may be more flattering than others, determining the shape, color and comfort of your prescription eyeglasses should coincide with how they make you feel. For many people their eyeglasses become part of their facial features, a signature part of their appearance, and a reflection of what makes them feel their best. Take your time trying out different options and consider a few back up pairs in a variety of choices that align with work, fun, lifestyle and other endless possibilities.

Peeking in the mirror to identify your face shape-oval, round, square, heart or diamond-will set you on the right track to choosing the most flattering glasses for your unique features. Keep in mind this is a fast and loose general guide and that you should rely on your instincts and not the opinions of others regarding which frames you will wear most confidently. Here are easy ways to determine your face shape:

  • Oval shape-narrow forehead and chin, high and wide cheekbones and full cheeks
  • Round shape-similar length and width for forehead, cheeks and jawline
  • Square shape-broad forehead and chin with an angular jawline
  • Heart shape-wide forehead, narrow chin and prominent cheekbones
  • Diamond shape-narrow forehead and chin, wider cheekbones and full cheeks

Those with oval face shapes usually find the most versatile of fits. Bold shapes with oversized frames are very complimentary. Round face shapes benefit from glasses that sharpen soft features with rectangular frames and angular lines where the bottom of the glasses hit just above the cheekbones. In contrast, square face shapes look best in a thinner frame that doesn’t overwhelm the face with rounded frames that soften angular features. Heart face shapes should choose frames with detailing on the lower portion and ensure width is slightly wider than the forehead for aesthetic balance. Diamond face shapes look great in curved frames such as oval, round and cat-eye style glasses. 

After your appointment at Pendleton Eye, stick around to try on our vast collection of frames. Bold or subtle, vintage or modern, large or small, monochromatic or all the colors of the rainbow, we have something for everyone. Call 760-758-2008 or book your appointment online at WEBSITE and we will be happy to answer any questions you have about finding the perfect frames and supply you with a guide to choosing eyeglasses.