At What Age Should My Eyes Be A Health Concern?

Age brings along changes to our bodies, both internally and externally. Eyes develop and mature just like the rest of the body. While having your eyes checked routinely, especially if you wear prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses, is important, generally the eyes do not become… Read More

Common Eye and Vision Problems

Tired eyes, dry eyes, strained eyes, eyes that do not see as well as they used to-we all experience some form of fatigue or eye irritation, especially as we get older. There are literally hundreds of different eye and vision-related conditions and diseases. Arming yourself… Read More

Myths and Misconceptions about Cataracts

As the eyes age, the normally clear lens of the eye that focuses light behind the iris and pupil begins to turn yellow and clouded due to a breakdown of proteins. Vision then becomes hazy or blurry like looking through a frosted or fogged-up window. Read More

Do Cataracts Mean I Am Inevitably Going To Be Blind?

Cataracts can impair your vision and if left untreated can cause permanent vision loss or even blindness. Although there are many causes of blindness that are not treatable, cataracts are not one of them. Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness among older adults in the… Read More

How Often Should I Really Get My Eyes Checked

How frequently you should see the eye doctor can depend on several factors including your age and health. It is likely if you already have prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses that you have set up recurring yearly appointments to have your eyes evaluated, and if… Read More

 What Are The Three Types of Vision Loss

Approximately 80 million Americans, or 1 in 4 individuals, have a health condition that causes or can lead to vision loss or blindness. Vision loss is typically caused by disease, age-related conditions, or injury. Many conditions that lead to vision loss can be prevented or… Read More

Types of Cataracts

Most cataracts develop slowly over time and will not greatly affect eyesight in the early stages. Cataracts are the clouding of the lens of the eye either due to natural aging or injury. Proteins and fibers in the lens of the eye begin to break… Read More

What is the First Sign of a Cataract

As we age, some of us are acutely aware of the first signs of getting older. From fine lines and wrinkles to the strands of gray in our hair, the visible signs that come with getting older show up quicker than any of us would… Read More

Can Glaucoma Be Stopped

While there is currently no cure for glaucoma, a treatment plan and regular checkups can help to slow the progression of glaucoma, as well as preventing vision loss. Glaucoma develops as the result of increased pressure within the eye that causes a slow progression of… Read More

How Do You Stop Pterygium From Growing?

Living in a sunny climate can be an ideal choice for living and working for some people but it can also expose you to greater and longer levels of ultraviolet rays. Most people know that wearing sun protection in the form of UV protection sunglasses… Read More