Changes in the eyes alert us to vision problems but did you know that even when no symptoms are present, your eyes may act as an early warning system to indicate other health problems in the body? Your vision has a lot to say about your overall health. Regular eye exams can provide early detection for many serious health conditions that include thyroid disease, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, stroke, aneurysm, brain tumor, arthritis, heart disease and cancer. 

Various parts of the eye can reveal what your vision says about your health. Changing color of the sclera or blood vessels, rings around the cornea, oddly shaped pupils, blood spots on the retina, floppy eyelids, bulging eyes, improper movement of the eye muscles, swollen optic nerves, increased ocular pressure and abnormalities at the back of the eye can all indicate underlying health issues. The eyes often show the first signs of disease lurking elsewhere in the body though the connective tissues, blood vessels and nerves in the body. Annual eye examinations can provide your doctor with a picture of your eye health and give the doctor a wider opportunity to reveal any systemic diseases that have not caused symptoms yet. Comprehensive eye exams include a medical consultation with questions about your current and past medical history, a refraction test to check for vision errors, an eye pressure test to measure fluid in the eyes and to check for glaucoma, digital retinal imaging to evaluate the fine details in over 80% of the retina including layers below the surface, a slit-lamp test to check for any inconsistencies or damage to the cornea, iris and the fluid chamber, and a visual acuity test. Depending upon your results, your eye doctor may request additional testing. 

From the front of the eye to the back of the eye, ophthalmologists can detect a wide range of visual and health conditions with quick, painless testing in under 30 minutes. Book your appointment today with Pendleton Eye for the diagnosis, management and treatment of eye conditions and diseases. The best prevention is early detection. Stay ahead of any serious health issues with a comprehensive eye exam by calling 760-758-2008 or requesting a date and time at WEBSITE.