Contact lenses offer ease and convenience from prescription eyeglasses without the need to wipe smudges from the lenses or worrying about breakage. But contact lenses come with their own set of care. Here are some bad contact lens habits to leave behind:

Bad habit #1: Wearing contacts longer than necessary. Eyes need to absorb oxygen from the air and that oxygen is limited by the wearing of contact lenses. Most people should not wear contact lenses for any longer than 10-12 hours consistently. Eye doctors will generally require patients to have prescription glasses as an alternative to give your eyes a much-needed break from contact lenses while maintaining your ability to see clearly. Wearing contacts longer than you are supposed to can pose certain serious risks over time such as corneal ulcer and blindness.

Bad habit #2: Not replacing contact lenses at the recommended time. Daily, weekly or monthly wear contact lenses have different thickness levels and durability components for length of time worn as well as the impact made by environmental factors. It is important to stick to the replacement schedule for your type of contact lenses to get the best use out of your contacts.

Bad habit #3: Sleeping in contact lenses. Contact lenses already deprive the eyes of oxygen and hydration. Sleeping with contacts increases the risk of corneal infection and raises the risk of eye infection overall by 6 to 8 times. Contacts will increase the risk of absorbing and spreading bacteria.

Bad habit #4: Wearing contact lenses in water. Avoid wearing contact lenses in the shower, pool or hot tubs. Tap water and water without salt can cause contact lenses to expand and change shape. The water also contains impurities and microorganisms that can lead to infection. 

Bad habit #5: Not changing the contact lens solution regularly. While contact solution serves to clean contacts of debris and particles lingering on the lens, it is also a breeding ground for germs. As a rule, contact solution should be fully poured out of the contact case and refilled after every use. Additionally, the contact case should be replaced every three months. 

Bad habit #6: Not washing your hands before touching the contact lenses. Make sure to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water before putting in or taking out contact lenses to avoid transferring dirt or bacteria that can lead to infection onto the lenses and directly into your eyes. 

Bad habit #7: Not removing contact lenses when eyes become dry or irritated. Dry eyes are a common symptom of wearing contacts. Give your eyes a break frequently and consider using artificial tears to lubricate the eyes to restore comfort.

Bad habit #8: Avoiding routine eye checks. Contact lens prescriptions tend to change over time. Make sure you are achieving optimal vision by keeping your annual eye exam at Pendleton Eye. 

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