Cataract surgery is a low-risk surgery with a high patient satisfaction rate. Routine preoperative clearance for cataract surgery is not always necessary. Serious or borderline health issues may require a patient to have testing prior to surgery to ensure IV sedation is safe and rule out the likelihood of complications. Many ophthalmology practices do not elect for their patients to have any unnecessary testing to save costs. However, some state medical and health boards do require testing before any type of surgery so it is always best to check with your eye surgeon to find out what you can expect regarding cataract surgery.

Medical tests before eye surgery can include an electrocardiogram (EKG) to assess the health of the heart and a complete blood count (CBC) to check the number of healthy red blood cells. If a patient has a complex medical history and is symptomatic at the time of a cataract surgery evaluation, the surgeon may request for pre-operative clearance from the patient’s primary care doctor. Many surgeons will ask for routine preoperative clearance to be performed by your family or primary care doctor that includes full medical history and a physical that will need to be provided at the time you schedule your surgery. A full medical evaluation will include pertinent medical and surgical history, current problem or symptom list, list of all medications, a physical exam and any necessary recommendations. The primary care physician will determine if any additional testing will be needed or if cataract surgery should be delayed. Additionally, patients may need to quit certain medications in the days or weeks leading up to surgery.

Generally, patients will not require a routine preoperative clearance for cataract surgery beyond an eye exam by an ophthalmologist that has determined cataract surgery is necessary to improve vision for quality of life. For more information about cataract surgery and what to expect from consultation to recovery, visit WEBSITE. To schedule your evaluation at Pendleton Eye, call our office at 760-758-2008. Our team is eager to answer your questions and provide greater clarity and peace of mind on your upcoming surgery and all your eyecare needs