Finding the right eye surgeon for your cataract surgery matters. While cataract surgery is the most common procedure performed by an ophthalmologist, it is important to find a doctor that is experienced in cataract surgery as well as one who provides the comfort and assurance you need to feel confident about the outcome. Safety, technique, technology and follow up care rank among the top qualities patients seek in a cataract surgeon. 

As with any surgery, choosing a surgeon who is board-certified should be a top priority. Ultimately this means that the doctor has not only met the basic requirements to practice medicine as approved by the state medical board but has undergone additional training in their specialized field and with a proven higher level of expertise. It is perfectly reasonable to ask prospective surgeons about their medical training, education, certifications and level of experience. While many ophthalmologists perform cataract surgery, not all perform surgery routinely. Your quality of vision should be reserved for a surgeon who dedicates a significant portion of their practice solely to cataract surgery, usually with a surgical volume of 400 eyes per year. 

Trust recommendations from those you know who have had cataract surgery. Referrals from friends and family can help you narrow down your list of surgeons. Finding someone who will thoroughly answer all your questions during a consultation is another important factor in what to look for when choosing a cataract surgeon. You may have questions about the different types of cataract surgery options, the types of intraocular lenses used, the benefits and risks associated with surgery and what to expect following surgery. You should have peace of mind after meeting with the surgeon so that you can begin the journey to living your life to the fullest with your best vision possible. 

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